(QLS) CEN-4000D Iso-Fuge 12-40D-new
(QLS) CEN-4000D Iso-Fuge 12-40D.2-new
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Iso-Fuge 12/40D Digital Clinical Centrifuge

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Iso-Fuge 12/40D is an economical Digital Clinical Centrifuge with Brushless motor, door safety interlock, digital Speed indicator and Timer.
Ideal for routine centrifuging application on the field such as Medical, Diagnostics, Veterinary, Educational, etc.

For further details including rotor selection guide, see brochure.
  • Microprocessor controller with LED display
  • Brushless motor- Maintenance free, delivers better power /weight ratio and fit for extended runs
  • Imbalance detection
  • Digital display for easy reading of parameters
  • Lid Interlock
  • Maximum Speed of 4000 RPM
  • Timer up to 99 minutes
  • Speed Control through VFD
Maximum RPM / RCF:  4000 / 2350g
Maximum Capacity: 300ml
Timer Setting: 1 to 99 minutes & infinite mode
Display: Digital Display
Motor Type: Brushless induction motor
Controller: Microprocessor controller
Speed Accuracy: +/- 10RPM
Dimensions (WxDxH): 325 x 370 x 280 mm
Ordering Information

CEN-4000/D: Iso-Fuge 12/40D Digital Clinical Centrifuge

CEN- SD-4-50: Swing out rotor suitable for 4 tubes of 50ml (Supplied with glass tubes)

CEN-SD-8-15: Swing out rotor suitable for 8 tubes of 15ml (Supplied with glass tubes)

CEN-AD-36-5: Angle rotor suitable for 36 Vacutainer tubes of 5ml

CEN-AD-18-10: Angle rotor suitable for 18 Vacutainer tube of 10 ml

CEN-AD-12-15: Angle rotor suitable for 12 tubes of 15ml

CEN-AD-6-50: Angle rotor suitable for 6 tubes of 50ml

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